As a photographer, it is always weird being in front of the camera, and I know this time wasn't any different for Mehgan when I took her and her fiance's engagement photos. Luckily, her and Taylor are actually secret models and have been keeping it hush hush their whole lives (kidding). But seriously, I can't imagine having more fun with a couple than I did during this session. I remember we stepped out of our cars by the beach and it was very misty and windy, which might be nice and pleasant given any other circumstance, but not when your client just got her hair done. LOL. Anyway, we trudged to the other side of the beach, the tide came in, soaked our shoes, I might have fallen backwards onto a rock, and meanwhile we're also being slapped in the face by this wind that just won't quit. Very enjoyable.

But with knowing all that, I still am blown away by how much beautiful emotion can be felt through their photos. How they did it, I don't know, but you just get all the warm feels after looking through their gallery. 

I'm not saying I've already planned this (okay, I have), but I might just have to fly over to Louisiana, photograph them in a swamp, and then we can go to Cane's afterward and gorge ourselves with chicken fingers and Texas toast. Random? Yes. Good plan? I think so. 

Anyway, it was truly a lovely session. And to top it off they treated me to the most delicious bacon mac and cheese that I have ever eaten (somehow it always comes back to food). They told me that they usually share it, but I knew the the moment they set that pan in front of me that the only people I would be sharing it with would be with y'all that are reading this blog post right now.